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007-198211ABB DC Motor 385 kW 1860 RPM
007-143581STROMBERG Panel For 35 kW AC Motor Speed Control
007-147053SCHORCH 158 kW AC Motor 1478 RPM
007-149501ROSENDAHL Set of 3 Screws 45 mm 20 D
007-159152MAILLEFER 150 mm 18 D Exstrusion Screw
007-159162ROSENDAHL 120 mm 24 D Spare Screw
007-171884REDEX Epicyclic Differential & Reducer, Model H50.4
007-184551SIEMENS DC Motor 22kW 1570 rpm , Model 1 GF 5162
007-185571LEROY SOMER DC Motor 118 kW

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